Raygime  Power

Eliminate Electric B​​​​​​​ill

Going solar can eliminate your electric

bill completely

or reduce it so dramatically

that electricity costs are no longer a significant factor in your budget. ...

By installing a solar panel system, you also fix

your electricity costs and make them more predictable.​​​​​​​

Get Solar with $0 Down

If your home qualifies,

your  system will be installed  by our fully licensed and insured 

 build partner

for $0 cost

out of pocket!


Increase Property Value

Now, a team of scientists from Berkeley Labs,

in partnership with universities and appraisers,

has found that solar unequivocally

improves the value of a home, on average by an amount of


​​​​​​​25 year warranty 

All of our projects are completed by our fully licensed and insured build partner and include a worry-free  25 year warranty, which includes all maintenance.

We offer the highest efficiency tier1  panels and equipment. By not cutting  construction cost, this creates a long term, happy customer.

​​​​​​​No money out of pocket

Get your system installed today!

If your home meets the construction requirements,  your system will be installed without any start up cost. 

No hidden fees. Use the money that  you are currently paying to the utlity company to  cover the cost  of  the system. That means there is no new expense.

Solar energy is less than what you are paying now, so you 

start saving immediately.

Any surplus energy  that isnt used, is then sold back to your utility company.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels
Solar Panels

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Solar Panels